Events Past - Martin Shaw Series

Martin Shaw and audience

For 21 years Martin Shaw hosted regular concerts at the Greenwood Centre, Grove Garden Chapel Richmond, and Pembroke Lodge in Richmond Park.

As well as featuring established guitarists he was very keen to encourage young guitarists starting out on their career.

Player(s) Location Review
Michael Poll and Jemma Freestone Greenwod Centre May 2015  
Michael Poll Greenwood Centre March 2014  
Junior Guitar Concert Greenwood Centre May 2013  
Jeff Rodrigues Greenwood Centre March 2013  
Aragon Guitar Quartet Greenwood Centre Nov 2012  
Ben Keasley Greenwood Centre May 2012  
John Couch Greenwood Centre October 2011  
Austin Moorhead Greenwood Centre October 2009  
Hayley Savage Greenwood Centre November 2008  
Eleftheria Kotzia Pembroke Lodge Richmond Park June 2008  
Jeff Rodrigues Greenwood Centre February 2008  
Dimitris Dekavallas Greenwood Centre November 2007  
Amanda Cook Pembroke Lodge Richmond Park June 2007  
Stephen Marchionda Greenwood Centre February 2007
Michael Partington Greenwood Centre November 2006 by Steve Ledwick
Gary Ryan Pembroke Lodge Richmond Park June 2006 by Steve Ledwick
The Modern Guitar Trio Greenwood Centre May 2006 by Steve Ledwick
Couste/McCelland Duo Grove Garden Chapel Richmond April 2006  
Jeff Rodrigues Greenwood Centre February 2006  
Robert Beer Grove Garden Chapel Richmond Februrary 2006  
Michael Partington Grove Garden Chapel Richmond November 2005 by Steve Ledwick
Jérémy Jouve Greenwood Centre October 2005 by Steve Ledwick
Stewart French Pembroke Lodge Richmond Park June 2005 by Steve Ledwick
Johannes Moller Greenwood Centre May 2005 by the scribe
José Manuel Dapena Grove Garden Chapel Richmond February 2005 by the scribe
Arada Guitar Duo Greenwood Centre November 2004 by Steve Ledwick
Milica Ilic Grove Garden Chapel Richmond October 2004 by the Scribe
Amanda Cook Pembroke Lodge Richmond Park June 2004 by the Scribe
Morgan Szymanski Greenwood Centre May 2004 by Steve Ledwick
Troy King Greenwood Centre February 2004 by the Scribe
The Modern Guitar Trio Greenwood Centre November 2003 by the Scribe
Couste/McCelland Greenwood Centre September 2003 by the Scribe
Russell Poyner Greenwood Centre June 2003 by the Scribe
Emanuel Segres Greenwood Centre March 2003 by the Scribe
Stephen Yates Greenwood Centre February 2003 by Rob Ainsley
Lorenzo Micheli Greenwood Centre November 2002 by Rob Ainsley
Martha Masters Greenwood Centre September 2002 by the Scribe
Philip John Lee Greenwood Centre May 2002 by the Scribe
José Manuel Dapena Greenwood Centre March 2002 by the Scribe
Eleftheria Kotzia Greenwood Centre January 2002 by Guy Rickards
Simon Davies & Anete Graudina Greenwood Centre October 2001 by Alex Brett
Fiona Harrison Greenwood Centre February 2001 by Alex Brett
Maria & Mauro Misteli Greenwood Centre October 2000 by Guy Rickards
Tetyana Ursova Greenwood Centre January 2000 by Guy Rickards
Eleftheria Kotzia Greenwood Centre May 1999 by Guy Rickards
Stephen Yates Greenwood Centre November 1998 by the Scribe

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